About India Data Commons

Why India Data Commons

India Data Commons is an effort by Robert Bosch Center for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, IIT Madras to highlight India-specific data in Data Commons knowledge graph. India Data Commons features datasets published by Indian Ministries and governmental organizations and provides it through DC knowledge Graph. India Data Commons is powered by Data Commons.

Data Commons synthesizes a single graph from different data sources. It links references to the same entities (such as cities, districts, states, etc.) across different datasets to nodes on the graph, so that users can access data about a particular entity aggregated from different sources without data cleaning or joining. We hope the data contained within Data Commons will be useful to students, researchers, and enthusiasts across different disciplines.

Who can use it?

India Data Commons can be accessed by anyone via the tools available on datacommons.iitm.ac.in. Students, researchers and developers can use the REST, Python and Google Sheets APIs, all of which are free for educational, academic and journalistic research purposes.

Contributing to India Data Commons

Data Commons is entirely open-source. Any Indian dataset added to DC's knowledge graph will be featured in India Data Commons. You can contribute to our database through our GitHub repo. More information on contributing can be found in our documentation.

We are always looking for more collaborators, both for adding new data to Data Commons and for building new and interesting applications of India Data Commons. Contact us if you are interested in working with us.

Mail us for any queries or suggestions. For more information on Data Commons project, please visit this page.